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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday in Sudbury (Day 3)

So, here were are on Saturday and the clinics are over in the Morning.  Ron is busy in the afternoon judging models in the contest room and Stan is off to Vale Mining on a tour.  So Peter and I head down town about 11:30 to grab some lunch with the plan to walk around the rail facilities and catch a few photos hoping to catch something going by.  It is dead.  All the CP switchers are idling in the yard and nothing is happening on the main.  In we go to for a sandwich and Guinness.  We no sooner had lunch when the CP SD40's started switching and there was an inbound Ottawa Valley train arriving from North Bay.

A few minutes later an east bound intermodal came by with a CEFX blue AC4400 in the consist.

 The guys in the Ottawa Valley Train went down to the yard lead while CP was switching some sulphuric acid cars just as the last car of the intermodal went by.
 Then the Ottawa Valley guys returned to break up their train
 OK, then from the west Huron Central appeared on the tracks that run from Sault Ste Marie to Sudbury (Ex CP).
 Looking back the other way the other two railroads were still switching out cars for interchange.
 The GP40-2W followed by the SD40-2(W) were a great set of power in the colourful schemes.

 The train then cut some cars and backed the rest into a second siding as the CP switchers proceeded up the switching lead.
 The Huron Central remained parked until the yard was clear for them to enter.c
 We then took some yard shots in and around the diesel facilities.  This spreader was parked at the turntable
 Here you can see the local power used for switching and local transfers and interchange

 GP9s and SD40s

 Here is a GE 80 tonner that was originally owned by INCO and is now part of the Diesel Electric fleet.

 The smaller was in the line of INCO's 35 tonners.

  Huron Central's GP38s are interesting as they were originally on the Quebec Gatineau.  The unit 800 in the back is a road slug.

 The second CP Spreader
 This old VIA LRC was made into a narrow gauge unit for the Congo but the deal fell through and it has been sitting in the dead track for years.
 Another 80 tonner in the yard.  A VIA RDC is a common sight here as the train still runs from the downtown Sudbury station to White River Ontario.
 It was a great day and again we were sure lucky to enjoy this eclectic group of railroads and power.  The next installment will be our journey to CN Capreol.


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