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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bill Scobie painted my Shay

Bill Scobie, is an Sn3 Modeller.  Lela and I operate his Rio Grande Southern on a regular basis.  I have had the pleasure of painting some backdrops on his layout.  I always liked the way Bill painted his Narrow Gauge  Locomotives.  As a favour, I asked him to paint, letter and weather my HO scale 3 truck Shay as LVN No.4.  This will be displayed on my modules at the upcoming Ottawa Train Expo.  Thanks again Bill for an incredible artistry and taste in this project.  Enjoy the photos.
I took the pictures outdoors in the natural sunlight.  Imagine..over 20 degrees Celsius and it is the last day of winter.

The Shay is on a small diorama I built for SLD MR 101.  The rock face is Celluclay with dirt and woodland scenics ground foam applied.  The trees are Spirea bush with dip and spin white glue as well as woodland scenics ground foam..  The ballast is pulverised granite. 

The backdrop is a 2x4 painting on Masonite.  I painted it at one of my hands on Backdrop painting clinics. 
This shot makes you feel like your on a mountain slope watching the shay go through a cut.


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That is some great work! Looking forward to seeing it.

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