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Monday, March 05, 2012

Sierra West Boiler and Welding Shop

 This was the final kit that is part of the Sierra West Railroad Camp.  This is fun construction method.  After staining the boards you apply 2X10s horizontally onto laser cut card stock.  Then I added 1x4 frames for the windows and 6x6 around the rail car doors.  Instead of using the Sierra West Shingles I used Bar Mills.  I used the Jimmy Simmon's Monster Nailer for the nail holes and then weathered the sides.  This photo is the front wall.
 This is the left wall.  It was fun separating the Annex from the main building using the 2X12 and other horizontal boards.  The weathering is done with Bragdon Powders, A/I and MicroMark Weather it.
 This is the right wall.  I am going to put rusted corrugated siding between the vertical boards as there is a large incinerator that goes there.
 This is the annex rear wall. 
 This is the Annex left wall.
This is the main building rear wall.  You will notice that I pooched the card stock as I first started to apply siding to the wrong side.  Lucky for me I was able to peel it off with the hobby knife.  This will not be seen when the building is assembled as it is an interior support frame.


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