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Saturday, May 12, 2012


On day 2 we got up early in the morning and headed out for the St Cloud Diamond in Wanup just south of Sudbury.  South of the diamond CN and CP share trackage so the Northbounds are on the east and Southbounds on the west between Wanup and Perry Sound.  North of the Diamond the railroads proceed on their own track:  Cp to Sudbury and CN runs east of the city to Capreol..
 Here is a new ES44AC crossing the river just north of the CP St Cloud diamond
 The intermodal trains are very long and require helpers
 Another Northbound.  My buddy Ron Newby captured sone CN shots and I took some Hi Def Video I still need to process.
 At the end of the day we took these shots through the fence at the Huron Central and Diesel Electric facilities in Sudbury.
 There was a great variety of power and we were looking forward to getting closer if we could contact the yard office and make arrangements.
 Here is a shot of track equipment.  Being in a mining area there is lots of work to maintain the right of way.
CP Spreader is one of two in the yard.


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