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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Radio Station KLWO

I started into craftsman structures back in 2007 and attended Scotty Mason's Craftsman Structures Show. This was the first kit I purchased from Doug at that show. I finally got around to building it in November.


I used white wash Saman Stains and olive stain for most of the colouring with weathering using some AI and bragdon powders. Some of the details were painted using Velejo paints.


The paper signs were applied using the strategy suggested by Brett Gallant by spraying them with dullcoat, then wetting them and rubbing the backing to make them thin and applying them with glue getting them in the cracks then applications of AI on top.


I used canopy and tacky glue to assemble the building. All the siding was roughed up and the each line was lifted to increase depth. The stucco was done using Applebarrel acrylics with fine sand sifted on when wet. After it set another coat of paint finished the effect.

This is the location the radio station will be placed on the layout. I want to build an outdoor stage with a band playing and have a small audience around mixed in with some 1950-60s show and shine cars. The location is near the lake and it is a bit of a retro revival as the station has been around for years and has not bee broadcasting for a while.


It is an FM station and the lettering was the second option with the kit as I wanted something from the west. Washington is close enough as my layout is freelance even though the location is in Shelby on my layout. The station is closed so it is mostly a hangout for retro junkies who like old cars and live music festivals. Old guys rent the rooms to play music and do recording with their digital cameras for You Tube. I understand they keep the building open so folks can use the restrooms. If you are lucky you may catch a day when Chris and Mike play some tunes. They maybe even have a few recorded songs that could be broadcast on this thread in the future. I at least am not "wondering where the Lyon's are.

Even before we had a chance to plant the model the station got their first studio space renters. Mike Hamer and myself had fun playing tunes and Lela's video caught us playing Bruce Cockburn's "Wonder where the lions are"

The latest request from the radio station is St. James Infirmary Blues..  Mike really rocks on this one.  Happy New Year


Blogger Eric said...

Chris, I don't know if you can fit a couple more songs into your radio station building (loved the Cockburn, by the way) but if you can:

Canadian VIA Trilogy:

or perhaps a rap number "But it's a Train"

See you on the air, and Happy New Year to you and your crew!

5:19 PM  

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