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Friday, October 12, 2012

Smiths Falls: Later at the old CP station

We no sooner got to the old Smiths Falls Station, we were taken back by the fact that the yard was full of rolling stock and to the east there was a tank train sitting on the arrival departure track.  Then on the north main a container train pulled up with 125 cars.
A great photo location to capture the curved yard before the Y is from the old abandoned loading ramp on the south west corner of the Y.
This pair of AC4400's showed off the two paint schemes and the second unit advertised the RCMP anniversary.
The units showed lots of weathering indicating the lack of attention to washing.
After passing the station the train stopped in front of the CP office for a crew change.
Meanwhile the local road switcher was building a westbound that would depart later in the day.  You can see that the conductor has a trainee in tow.  (Green vest)
Yellow over green the train starts to move forward through the notches as it heads west to Toronto
No sooner had this train departed a new westbound followed with 53 autoracks.  It stopped short of the CTC indicating that the a VIA was probably approaching the junction from the south on its way to Ottawa.
Michel and I moved to the south end of the Y in time to capture the VIA heading through the town crossing at Smith`s Falls.
This is looking north and you can see the autorack train waiting for the VIA to enter the CP main pass by the old station cross over and continued north to the new station and on to Ottawa.
 A good size train,  with really nice ex CP coaches.  As soon as the train cleared the station the Autorack went into town, changed crews and departed westward.
No sooner than the autorack departure happened we looked east again to see this Tank train with CP SD40-2 leading two SD40s acquired from their purchase of US trackage and or railroads from Minnesota through the Dakotas to Crawford Nebraska.  I believe the purchase was to gain CP access to the Wyoming Coal Fields.

The Iowa and Chicago Eastern (City of Wells) looked in much better condition than the CP unit.
The Dakota Minnesota and Eastern (City of Belle Fourche) was the last in the string.  The hopper is a safety requirement to separate the tank cars from the locomotives.
 The tank train was waiting for this south bound VIA from Ottawa.  It will head to Brockville, join the CN mainline and head west to Toronto.  The newly upgraded F40PH is on the lead with the latest VIA green colour scheme.
 The tank train then pulled into the station allowing a good close examination of the units.  Notice anything unusual.....
Since Hunter has joined CP there are lots of changes.  All the trackside buildings are being repainted Brown.  The trees and weeds are being cut along the tracks (improves railfanning) and people and brooms are being replaced by heaters for melting snow in the switches.
It was a great day in Smiths Falls.  And that unusual item.  Look at the number boards on the old CP SD40-2.....


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