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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finger Lakes Live Steamers Day 4 of the invasion

After a good night's sleep, we went to Lyon New York for a great breakfast.  Afterword, Lela and I went to CSX Lyon to see what we could see.  Yes there is a town in New York with my name on it and yes it is a ring dang do of a train town.  Has a yard, bridges and everything.  Part of the old New York Central.  After getting permission from the yard superintendent, I stood by the tracks to catch the action.
 First up there was a local freight working the yard.
 He was shunting a string of box cars into several tracks.
 Interesting to see this train had a caboose.  Pretty rare these days.  Must have to back up to some industries off the main to require the buggy.
 Nice and faded it shows it's years of service.
 Back and forth it went getting shorter and shorter.
 Took this shot for my good buddy Peter.
 First train up was an east bound AMTRAK.
 Have a close look at the nose.  Must have had some sort of collision.
 Here you can see the yard as the train heads east to Syracuse.
 Right after the AMTRAK cleared the block this Freight showed up on the yellow.
 Double Stack heading east as well.

Hope you enjoyed the Action.  next up large Scale Trains at Finger Lakes.  All part of the American Invasion of Friends.


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