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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smiths Falls at 16:00

After spending a day painting backdrops at Jeff's, I went on over to the Smith's Falls yard to see if I could catch some action before the ops session at Tommy's.  I was lucky as all was quiet on my arrival.  Plenty of time to get the camera out and turn on the scanner.
Then I heard a horn from the east and around the bend came a stack train with SD40-2's in the lead.  It stopped at the CTC posts and then the yard switcher appeared pushing into the ladder.
 The trainman was riding the gondola as the GP38 rumbled by at yard spead.
 Then looking to the west there was the westbound local sitting in the yard throat and then a VIA came onto the station track from Ottawa.
 It stopped at the platform which was an indicator that there was a VIA train that would be entering from the south and passing on track two.  It was nice to catch the VIA with the two CP 's in the background. 
 Then as predicted, the Brockville train arrived and it was nice to get this cover shot as she entered the CTC while the SD40-2's sat on the main.  A three way meet.
 Here the VIA with the classic corregated steel coaches movied across the switches into the second station track.
 As it thundered by, I swung around to capture the meet in front of the station.
 Now I have four trains in the photo.
 Then the southbound VIA headed out for Brockville and then onto Toronto.  The trainman gave me a big wave as she passed by.
 Swinging around it was nice to capture the meet between the VIA and freight before she turned south.
 Another potential cover.
 I spoke with a supervisor and he indicated that there had been an accident in Belleville and that traffic had stopped on the CP main.
 So being the last chance to photo I took a few more shots of the SD40-2s.  Since they would not be moving they left them there so that later VIA's could get by without blocking the main.
 The sky began to darken as clouds moved in from the east.
 Well it is off to dinner and then to Tommy's for an evening of HO Scale operations.
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