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Friday, December 02, 2011

Got a chance to work on the Roof

Well today was roof install.  There are three individual roofs on this building complex.  Each had a laser cut template which you laminate your roofing material on.

The two outer roofs are tar paper.  The middle are shingles.  I did not use the shingles from the kit.  Instead I used Bar Mills Brown shingles.

 The rafters were applied to the shed on the left and the main roof above the office.
 Then the roof was applied to the shed rafters.  Then individual strips of tar paper were applied.  These were pre-weathered with Bragdons.
Finally two tires were added to give it character.  The tar paper hangs over the roof edges for proper drainage.
 The main roof was shingled before gluing.  Started at the base of each side and worked up to the top.  The crown of the roof was finished 2x10s.
 The warehouse roof template was glued in place.  Then the tar paper was added and weathered.  The weathering technique was to paint the material black.  Then spray one side with dullcoat and finally streak bragdons on with AI wash.   Looks like one line is to dark.  Will have to fix.
The loading platform is not glued in place.  As the instructions suggest, you should wait until you put some ground cover down and set it into the ground for realism.  Everything is glued to the gator board base.  That way the height will be just right when I set it next to the track on cork roadbed.
 The backside shows a number of boards at the doorway.  These were glued right to the Gator board.  Nice spot for doodads.
It always amazes me how much stuff you need close at hand to build a kit.  This portable workbench does help keep everything close.  However the rest of the table seems to gain stuff as you go.  I think I will do a little cleanup today.


Blogger jgotts said...

Nice work Chris. This has a lot of character!

7:48 AM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Thanks very much. Brett makes challenging kits. They are loads of fun to put together and with the different materials you get to try a variety of building and finishing techniques.

3:59 AM  
Blogger Wayne Woodland said...

Excellent work Chris - my two SW kits are still sitting onmy shelf. I nned to get out and start collecting all the items I need to start - Chalks, etc. Cheers


2:07 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

No time like the present to start work on them. I have done some more work on the scene and have completed the tool shed. This is an excellent little kit to get you warmed up to Brett's methods.

7:16 AM  

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