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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fine Scale Model Railroaders Expo: Day 2

I was so busy over the three days of the Expo I did not get much of a chance to use my camera.  I took a few shots of the winning large diorama by Joel Freedman (Canadian from TO area )and a couple of vendors tables. Also a couple of pictures of my clinic taken by forum member Ralph Renzetti.

Joel did an amazing job of integrating three Sierra West Kits, several resin boat kits and Crow River lighthouse into this best in show awarded diorama.  His modeling skills are very evident and he has the nack of creating wonderful water effects.

 The boat passing by the dock creates an incredible sense of motion
 Here you can see the boatworks with all the action of an industry hard at work building a new ship
 From this angle you can see Shelby's across the harbour.  The rigging and wood work is breathtaking.
 There was light and sound to help create the mood.  Here the light house flash was caught on canera and just look at that wave crashing against the shore.  The bouy is angled as if pressed by the wind, waves and current.
 Here is an example ofare example of a dock side fish plant diorama at one of the vendor tables.  He has produced four harbour kits and has a number of boats and doodads that enhance any model railroad scene.  It would appear that the influence of recent modelers has created an interest in seaside landscapes with interesting ports and docks for the model railroad to go through.
 Now here are Dad and Son at they vendor table looking so very happy with the sales of their fine scale kits.  Just look at that coal dock modeled after a true prototype.
 O scale was very popular this year and Sierra West sold almost everything they brought.
Seaport Model Works had a great display for their products (Resin Boats)  The diorama was created by Dave Frary for them.

 The clinics were just so informative.  I had the pleasure of presenting my backdrop painting clinic.
 The demo really got the creative juices flowing in the crowd.
There were lots of pictures taken, notes written and questions.  I had a blast.  Afterwords I gave away three DVDs (Backdrop Painting with Chris Lyon).  And sold out what I had brought in less than 5 minutes.  I am so glad that folks will be able to go home with all this new info and work on their layouts.

More pictures are on the Railroad line forum at this thread.

 Next will be the trip home through White River Junction.


Blogger Pat M said...

Hey Chris, I was wondering do you have any how to info for the water Joel created in his Sierra West waterfront? Or a link to more pics of it? Thanks Pat (Belg rrline)

4:40 AM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Hi Pat. Joel uses a process that involves painting the bottom with acrylics. Then he uses gloss acrylic gel (liquitex) to form the waves. Troels Kirk produces a nice video explaining the colours but Dave Frary and Doug Foscali (FOS Models)explain the process of building the waves in their videos. Hope this helps.

8:25 AM  

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